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Saturday, April 28, 2012

No name

Hey Guys!! So my first nail polish is actually a polish that has no name! This was a polish that I received one Christmas in one of those huge make-up kits.  Anyways, it is a very pretty red, pink, brown, and purple color.  Kind of reminds me of a wine color.  It is actually very similar to a color by Wet N' Wild that my mother decided to steal from me because she liked it so much so I'm not sure about the name!  So I want to apologies for how ugly my nails look in the picture because this was when I first started putting the nail polish on my nails and that's when they were in the worst condition.  Also, my camera and phone camera is crappy quality so I sorry for the horrible pictures, but you still get the idea!  Enjoy! 


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    1. Well, when we schedule our Girl Scout Pamper day, I can paint yours this color!! :)