Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mint Condition

Hey Everybody!!! Sorry that I haven't had a chance to post anything recently, been working and starting to clean up my mess on the table from school.  I would have posted last night, but I had the won Up close and personal performance by Kip Moore from 100.3 KILT here in Houston and it was AWESOME!!! I loved the performance! It was like a nice, laid back room with couches and you have Kip who was just really laid back, telling stories, and drinking a beer! What could be better!?  If you don't know who Kip Moore is, here is a link to one of his music videos that is currently the most popular song on the radio right now! Ok, so besides all of that, the nail polish I'm gonna share today is one that I did for when I was going to the Zoo!  I absolutely LOVE going to the zoo because I love animals!  Here are actually a couple of pictures from the Houston Zoo that I have taken just to share some! 
Cute Chipmunk!!!

If you didn't know, I go to University of Houston and this is our Mascot, Shasta who lives at the Houston Zoo!

Monkeys are my absolute favorite animals! And here is a Chimpanzee that was blowing kisses!!

And my camera stinks, but this was probably the best photo of the day of a snake!

Ok, so now back to nail talk! Oh, and just to say I figured out what brand my nail plates are, they are called Shash, which I bought from Amazon.  So I applied ULTA Mint Condition nail polish as my base color and then stamped with Konad Black nail polish and I for some reason can't find my plates at the moment, but I know it's the Konad plate that has the Zebra pattern.  Then I added my MASH brand black gems on my nails and then top coated!  It was the perfect nail polish and design for my trip at the zoo!! Enjoy! :) 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Traffic Cone

Hey Guys! Well school is officially done for me until next fall!!! All finals are done and now just waiting for one last teacher to post my final grade!! So happy cause I'll get to relax now for awhile and do my nails more often!!  So today, I have a post that I did for a friend who LOVES Halloween.  It is her favorite holiday and she wanted to do an early Halloween nail polish.  This was also when I first got my stamp collection stuff in, along with my blingy gems for your nails! :)  So the bottom coat is called Traffic Cone by Nicole's from O-P-I that I got for $.99 at Ulta's cause it was on clearance!!  It's an awesome color of orange with just the perfect hint of sparkle!  Now, I'm not sure what brand of Stamp Plates these are that I have, all I know is I bought them off Amazon for a really good price and it came with 25 plates.  So I used plate SH25 and it has this cool spider and spider web full nail design.  Then I added a little black gem in the center and there ya have it!  An awesome decoration for Halloween!!!  Enjoy! 

p.s. As you can tell, she has way better nails then me with more length! :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fingerpaints Silver Crackle

Hey Guys!! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile... Have been busy dealing with finals at school but I have an old polish that I did to share with you today!! One day I decided to go into the local Sally's beauty supplies just to see what was there and I found the clearance section!!  I found this silver Finger Paint crackle on clearance and 2 China Glaze crackles where 2 of them were $1.99 and the other was $2.99!  I and my bank love when things are on clearance!  This was also the first time I bought a crackle polish and used one so I was pretty excited!  I decided to use the silver one first which is by Finger Paints and it's called Silver Crackle.  I did a black polish base (this polish was actually a really old polish and the name has been rubbed off) and then applied the crackle on top!!  Sorry that the picture sucks as I still need a new camera and have a hard time with being completely still, but it is still a cute combination polish!  Thank you and Enjoy!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kleancolor Neon Collection

Today, I have a collection that I recently bought to share with you!!  So I bought this collection online from Amazon for like $9 and it is 6 different polishes!! I had to get my order to at least $25 for free shipping, so I decided to buy these!!  They actually apply on pretty nicely and they are actually a lot brighter then the pictures make them out to be.  The lighting is horrible and I really need a better camera too.  So, I am actually really happy that I bought these cause these are going to make great colors to stamp on and use!  I never heard of this brand before hand, so now that I know how good these are, there is this other collection by them that I want that has these metallics in it and even a blue metallic color along with silver too!  Hope you enjoy these colors and would want to buy these because they do work very nicely!  Thank you and enjoy!
Kleancolor Neon Color Collection

 Blue Sapphire - This is a dark blue, kind of like Navy
 Neon Pink - A lot more bright and neon then the picture does justice for
Neon Green - A lot more bright and neon then the picture does justice for
Neon Purple
Neon Yellow - A lot more bright and neon then the picture does justice for
Neon Orange - A lot more bright and neon then the picture does justice for

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Broadway Burgundy Frost

 Hey Guys!!! Today, I have an old design that I did when I first bought these Nail Artz Pens that are so cool!! I actually bought them at the Country Peddler show that comes to town about twice a year and they are so cool!! They are a pen and if you unscrew the pen part, it's a brush!! Then once the nail polish is empty, you can refill it with your own!! Anyways, the bottom base coat is NYC 116 Broadway Burgundy Frost because it reminded me of Dorthy Shoes in Wizard of Oz.. Sadly, it didn't sparkle as much as I thought, I guess I could of added more coats to see if it would have helped, but o well!  Then I added a black tip with my Nail Art Pen and then added this gold strip with buttons.  Kind of remind me of a man's button down shirt and thought it was a simple cute idea!! Cant wait to share more of my ideas with you as I have bought a lot more nail polish colors and got some fake nails for practicing!  Hope you enjoy! :)