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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday! Animals!

Hey Everyone!! So today is Thoughtful Tuesday and I'm gonna talk about my day!  So this summer, I decided to do some volunteering at the Rosenberg Animal Shelter to play with the animals and help with cleaning!  I mainly wanted to do this for the summer since I unfortunately can't have a pet at my house for right now and I really miss having a pet at home.  So I figured why not help the unfortunate animals by giving them some loving care and help them get adopted!  So today, I helped and learn about cleaning out cat cages and I have realized how much cats do stink! Took care of the litter boxes, water and food, and wiped down the entire cage!  Though it is stinky, it felt great to give these kittens a little bit of more cleanliness  for the night.  I also had great conversations with the supervisor there who helped teach me facts about animals, who it takes to work that kind of job, and what are different things done at the shelter!  I also got to go out on some calls with her!! That was fun because I got to see what they do when they have to go take care of some situations with owners and their pets!  I definitely enjoyed today and got a nice eye opening experience because it is definitely different then what is showed on T.V.!  Well I just wanted everyone to know how important animals are to me and if you are interested in getting a family pet, please always adopt from a shelter and give them a second chance at a loving life! 

Here are just a few pictures of kittens from the shelter having a great time!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Funky Nails - Daring

Hey Guys!!!  Today I have the nail polish that I got from Funky Nails!! So I did this mani a couple of days ago and now finally have the time to post it!  So, this color is called Daring and I think that she picked the most perfect name for this polish!  It is actually a lot more greenish then I originally thought, but I still absolutely LOVE it!!  It is a green/blue color with little hints of silver in it and it is just the most perfect amount of sparkle for anyones nails!!  I first base coated my nails with ULTA's base coat and then add 3 coats of Funky Nails Daring!  You could probably get away with 2 coats, but I decided to play it safe and do 3.  Then topped it with 2 coats of ULTA's Top coat!!  I really love this color and it goes perfect with a work shirt that I wear which is the exact same color in a zebra pattern!!  Also, All of these are with flash except one picture where you can kinda see how it looks a tiny bit more blue.  It really depends upon what your lighting is for this color to see it more blue or more green. 

With No Flash.  You can see how it looks a little bit more blueish then green.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day!! Alter Ego

Hey Everyone!!! First would like to wish every Father out there a Happy Father's Day!!! I know I for sure have the best father in the entire world and I am go grateful that God decided to pick me as his daughter!! 

So just a couple of updates to add in with this post.
1. I got my new camera in finally!!! It looks awesome and have been taking some amazing photos with it!  This is going to be the first post I do with using the new camera!  Very Excited!!  If you look at my previous posts and pictures and compare them to these, I guarantee you will see a MAJOR difference!!
2. My nails have been breaking so bad lately from me working and they are super fragile.  As of right now, I'm going to be using these fake nail mannequin fingers I got on Amazon to show off different polish colors and designs because my nails are not good to be pictured.  (I only bought them so I could receive free shipping :))
3.  I also got my first Funky Nails polish Color in the other day!!! So excited to soon post this color and experiment with it because it is soooo pretty and so me in every which way!!!

Now to the actual nail post!

So today I did a pretty simple color and stamp on my little mannequin fingers.  The bottom color is ULTA's Alter Ego, which is a pretty sparkling blue color with some hints of silver in it.  It is the perfect color for me!  I used plate SH -16 and Konad White stamping nail polish for the design!  Then just rolled in on the nail and Ta-Da!  You have a very nice, sparkling nail polish design!  Hope you enjoy and don't mind me using the mannequin fingers :)

In natural light

In natural light with the bottles of polish!

Using flash with the bottles of polish!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday

Hey Everyone!! So I have decided to make Tuesdays, Thoughtful Tuesday!  Basically, I'm just gonna talk about what is on my mind or things that have been going on in my life.  So today I'm going to talk about what happened to me on Sunday when I was heading home.

So I was heading home from work Tuesday while the sun was setting.  There were some ladies walking the road and literally took up my entire lane and weren't paying any attention to vehicles.  So I of course was going to just go around them and I slowed down a lot since I was passing people Jaywalking.  The next thing I know, this lady goes and jumps out in front of my car scaring the living day lights out of me!  I slammed so hard on my brakes, squealed my tires and you could smell the rubber.  She ran back to her side of the road once she heard me slamming on my brakes and just stood there in shock like it was my fault!  And they didn't even say sorry or nothing!  I was like what the F*** is your problem?  And what I don't understand is why she did it in the first place because there was nothing on the other side of the road for her! Nothing! And after I passed her she didn't even go over to that side of the road.  I think she was playing around with me and just being stupid.  I can't believe people out there go and play around with stuff like that because that is nothing to joke around with.  That is literally a matter of life and death and nothing to play with or think as funny.  I am very Thankful to God though that I didn't hit her because I honestly don't know what or how I would of felt if I did hit her.  Thank you Lord for watching over me and keeping me safe in your world!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hey Everyone!! Just an FYI, this is going to be a long post :)!  Sorry I haven't posted in like almost a month! I'm such a procrastinator :)  So anyways, have a couple of updates for ya! We have a new nail polish brand that has just been launched!!! They are some beautiful colors!!  It is called Funky Nails and Minnie definitely knows how to make the perfect colors that every woman wants!  Here is a link to her blog and the online store she has just opened!  Blog - Funky Nails Store - Funky Nails Store  They are all gorgeous and I hope to soon have the Daring color! I just absolutely LOVE it! 

Since I finally figured out all of the linking stuff, I would like to also link another person's blog that does an amazing job with nails!  Her name is Sara and she is the daughter of a good friend of mine and I love all the designs that she does!  I hope that soon I can do a nail party with her because I love her creativity and all of the designs! Blog - Lacquer Addictions  She is also great friends with Minnie, which is the above post, and will be using lots of Funky Nails polishes!  Can't wait to see what stuff she'll create with them!

Next, I have finally ordered a new camera!! :D!!!!! I am sooo excited to get this camera because now I will be able to take way better pictures of the nails here!  It's a digital SLR camera! I ordered it from Amazon and got a pretty good deal on it so now we are just waiting for it to come in!!  I might also start doing a few photo shoots of people if anyone would be interested once I get it and figure out everything about it!  I just can't wait!

I also will be soon starting to volunteer at the Rosenberg Animal Shelter since my parents won't let us get another dog and it does get lonely on my days off from work at home.  I figured I should do something productive with my time during this summer and making lives for unfortunate animals a little bit easier is something I can't wait to start since I LOVE animals!  So you may see some pictures of their animals on here every now and then if they let me take pictures with my new camera! :)

Finally, I will get to the actual polish post!  Today's post is going to be one of my best friend's nails because mine are still breaking like crazy and short as ever and she has such strong, beautiful long nails.  I did this polish she her before she left to go to Laughlin, Nevada!  If you never been to or heard of Laughlin, it is a great place to go gamble!  It is so relaxing and calm and if you are like me and like little towns and not crazy cities, then this is the perfect place.  Whenever I went, we stayed in this hotel called Riverside Resort and they do great flight and hotel packages for ya!  If you need an inexpensive vacation, that is definitely the place to go!  So anyways, she was going with her parents, who renewed their vows, and she wants some nail polish to match her pretty dress!  So, we put on an ULTA base coat to protect her natural nail.  Her bottom color is ULTA's LimeLight which a beautiful green.  Then we stamped it with plate SH-11 with Konad Black nail polish.  Lastly, I added a pretty little light purple gemstone in the middle of the flower to add a bit of sparkle!  It went perfect with her dress!  I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading!! 

Here is the silly family!  Amanda is on the left, followed by her dad and mother!  You can tell that the polish went great with her dress! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mint Condition

Hey Everybody!!! Sorry that I haven't had a chance to post anything recently, been working and starting to clean up my mess on the table from school.  I would have posted last night, but I had the won Up close and personal performance by Kip Moore from 100.3 KILT here in Houston and it was AWESOME!!! I loved the performance! It was like a nice, laid back room with couches and you have Kip who was just really laid back, telling stories, and drinking a beer! What could be better!?  If you don't know who Kip Moore is, here is a link to one of his music videos that is currently the most popular song on the radio right now! Ok, so besides all of that, the nail polish I'm gonna share today is one that I did for when I was going to the Zoo!  I absolutely LOVE going to the zoo because I love animals!  Here are actually a couple of pictures from the Houston Zoo that I have taken just to share some! 
Cute Chipmunk!!!

If you didn't know, I go to University of Houston and this is our Mascot, Shasta who lives at the Houston Zoo!

Monkeys are my absolute favorite animals! And here is a Chimpanzee that was blowing kisses!!

And my camera stinks, but this was probably the best photo of the day of a snake!

Ok, so now back to nail talk! Oh, and just to say I figured out what brand my nail plates are, they are called Shash, which I bought from Amazon.  So I applied ULTA Mint Condition nail polish as my base color and then stamped with Konad Black nail polish and I for some reason can't find my plates at the moment, but I know it's the Konad plate that has the Zebra pattern.  Then I added my MASH brand black gems on my nails and then top coated!  It was the perfect nail polish and design for my trip at the zoo!! Enjoy! :) 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Traffic Cone

Hey Guys! Well school is officially done for me until next fall!!! All finals are done and now just waiting for one last teacher to post my final grade!! So happy cause I'll get to relax now for awhile and do my nails more often!!  So today, I have a post that I did for a friend who LOVES Halloween.  It is her favorite holiday and she wanted to do an early Halloween nail polish.  This was also when I first got my stamp collection stuff in, along with my blingy gems for your nails! :)  So the bottom coat is called Traffic Cone by Nicole's from O-P-I that I got for $.99 at Ulta's cause it was on clearance!!  It's an awesome color of orange with just the perfect hint of sparkle!  Now, I'm not sure what brand of Stamp Plates these are that I have, all I know is I bought them off Amazon for a really good price and it came with 25 plates.  So I used plate SH25 and it has this cool spider and spider web full nail design.  Then I added a little black gem in the center and there ya have it!  An awesome decoration for Halloween!!!  Enjoy! 

p.s. As you can tell, she has way better nails then me with more length! :)