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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday

Hey Everyone!! So I have decided to make Tuesdays, Thoughtful Tuesday!  Basically, I'm just gonna talk about what is on my mind or things that have been going on in my life.  So today I'm going to talk about what happened to me on Sunday when I was heading home.

So I was heading home from work Tuesday while the sun was setting.  There were some ladies walking the road and literally took up my entire lane and weren't paying any attention to vehicles.  So I of course was going to just go around them and I slowed down a lot since I was passing people Jaywalking.  The next thing I know, this lady goes and jumps out in front of my car scaring the living day lights out of me!  I slammed so hard on my brakes, squealed my tires and you could smell the rubber.  She ran back to her side of the road once she heard me slamming on my brakes and just stood there in shock like it was my fault!  And they didn't even say sorry or nothing!  I was like what the F*** is your problem?  And what I don't understand is why she did it in the first place because there was nothing on the other side of the road for her! Nothing! And after I passed her she didn't even go over to that side of the road.  I think she was playing around with me and just being stupid.  I can't believe people out there go and play around with stuff like that because that is nothing to joke around with.  That is literally a matter of life and death and nothing to play with or think as funny.  I am very Thankful to God though that I didn't hit her because I honestly don't know what or how I would of felt if I did hit her.  Thank you Lord for watching over me and keeping me safe in your world!


  1. Wes got some crazy people in this world amber. more then likely she lives in your area. she sounds like shes got mental issues. glad you came out ok.

  2. Yea, it's just crazy... And she was an older adult lady and not the younger one which was pushing a baby stroller.