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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day!! Alter Ego

Hey Everyone!!! First would like to wish every Father out there a Happy Father's Day!!! I know I for sure have the best father in the entire world and I am go grateful that God decided to pick me as his daughter!! 

So just a couple of updates to add in with this post.
1. I got my new camera in finally!!! It looks awesome and have been taking some amazing photos with it!  This is going to be the first post I do with using the new camera!  Very Excited!!  If you look at my previous posts and pictures and compare them to these, I guarantee you will see a MAJOR difference!!
2. My nails have been breaking so bad lately from me working and they are super fragile.  As of right now, I'm going to be using these fake nail mannequin fingers I got on Amazon to show off different polish colors and designs because my nails are not good to be pictured.  (I only bought them so I could receive free shipping :))
3.  I also got my first Funky Nails polish Color in the other day!!! So excited to soon post this color and experiment with it because it is soooo pretty and so me in every which way!!!

Now to the actual nail post!

So today I did a pretty simple color and stamp on my little mannequin fingers.  The bottom color is ULTA's Alter Ego, which is a pretty sparkling blue color with some hints of silver in it.  It is the perfect color for me!  I used plate SH -16 and Konad White stamping nail polish for the design!  Then just rolled in on the nail and Ta-Da!  You have a very nice, sparkling nail polish design!  Hope you enjoy and don't mind me using the mannequin fingers :)

In natural light

In natural light with the bottles of polish!

Using flash with the bottles of polish!

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