Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday! Animals!

Hey Everyone!! So today is Thoughtful Tuesday and I'm gonna talk about my day!  So this summer, I decided to do some volunteering at the Rosenberg Animal Shelter to play with the animals and help with cleaning!  I mainly wanted to do this for the summer since I unfortunately can't have a pet at my house for right now and I really miss having a pet at home.  So I figured why not help the unfortunate animals by giving them some loving care and help them get adopted!  So today, I helped and learn about cleaning out cat cages and I have realized how much cats do stink! Took care of the litter boxes, water and food, and wiped down the entire cage!  Though it is stinky, it felt great to give these kittens a little bit of more cleanliness  for the night.  I also had great conversations with the supervisor there who helped teach me facts about animals, who it takes to work that kind of job, and what are different things done at the shelter!  I also got to go out on some calls with her!! That was fun because I got to see what they do when they have to go take care of some situations with owners and their pets!  I definitely enjoyed today and got a nice eye opening experience because it is definitely different then what is showed on T.V.!  Well I just wanted everyone to know how important animals are to me and if you are interested in getting a family pet, please always adopt from a shelter and give them a second chance at a loving life! 

Here are just a few pictures of kittens from the shelter having a great time!

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