Saturday, May 12, 2012

Traffic Cone

Hey Guys! Well school is officially done for me until next fall!!! All finals are done and now just waiting for one last teacher to post my final grade!! So happy cause I'll get to relax now for awhile and do my nails more often!!  So today, I have a post that I did for a friend who LOVES Halloween.  It is her favorite holiday and she wanted to do an early Halloween nail polish.  This was also when I first got my stamp collection stuff in, along with my blingy gems for your nails! :)  So the bottom coat is called Traffic Cone by Nicole's from O-P-I that I got for $.99 at Ulta's cause it was on clearance!!  It's an awesome color of orange with just the perfect hint of sparkle!  Now, I'm not sure what brand of Stamp Plates these are that I have, all I know is I bought them off Amazon for a really good price and it came with 25 plates.  So I used plate SH25 and it has this cool spider and spider web full nail design.  Then I added a little black gem in the center and there ya have it!  An awesome decoration for Halloween!!!  Enjoy! 

p.s. As you can tell, she has way better nails then me with more length! :)


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    1. Thank you!! It's a perfect Halloween nail design that I plan on doing when it's Halloween!